What are depth maps?


The standard format for VR Depth Maps - the image displayed on top and the depth information displayed underneath, the further away an object, the darker the shade.

Utilising the power of the Kandao Obsidian R - we can generate what is known as 'depth maps' to create a new level of immersion not possible before. This new technology is still evolving, but the power and potential is incredible.

Standard VR Video only allows the viewer to rotate their head around to view a scene from a fixed position. This is known as 3 Degrees of Freedom or '3DoF' for short.

Using Depth Maps, the viewer can phisically move around within the 360 scene. You can look over, under or behind objects while watching the video. This is known as 6 Degrees of Freedom or '6DoF' for short.

Depth Maps can also be used for special effects and other post production techniques.


How to view depth maps

1. You will need a HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality Headset for the best experience, but you can also view on your desktop PC.

2. Visit the 6DoF SubReddit and download the Pseudoscience Pictures 6DoF app.

3. Download the 6DoF images below and load them into the Pseudoscience 6DoF viewer.



VR Depth Map



VR Depth Map


These images were shot on the Kandao Obsidian R. All rights reserved. Obisidian R is available for shoot & hire through Immersion VR UK.